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Chancellor Position Description

Position Summary

As Chief Executive Officer of DCPS, the Chancellor provides leadership and direction for the development of an educational system that is based on the needs of students, on standards of excellence and equity, and on community goals; demonstrates effective planning and management of the school administration, finances, operations, and human resources; and maintains positive and professional working relationships with partners in government and the community.

The Chancellor works under the administrative direction of the Mayor. In consultation with the Mayor and with oversight from the Council of the District of Columbia, the Chancellor will be expected to undertake the continued work of the five-year strategic plan and solve major issues related to school functions. The Chancellor is responsible for and has authority to direct the activities and operations of DCPS, which includes carrying out program functions within the framework of the Mayor’s vision, the Administration’s overall policies, missions, objectives, and resources. The Chancellor must also work to ensure that DCPS remains in compliance with legislation and regulations.

Duties & Responsibilities

The Chancellor administers the largest local education agency (LEA) of the District of Columbia serving almost 49,000 students in over 100 schools and is responsible for ensuring that every student has a high-quality, by-right school that allows the student to reach their full potential.  The Chancellor carries out the administration and supervision of the schools and central office staff, including the implementation of current reforms and systemic changes in order to affect continued positive improvement in DCPS.

In carrying out the duties of the office, the Chancellor:

  • Evaluates the school program, school curriculum, and pedagogical practices and implements comprehensive program to continuously improve the DCPS school system and outcomes for DCPS students.
  • Recruits and retains excellent teachers, principals, and other staff to achieve the goals of DCPS.
  • Develops and implements policies, procedures, and regulations deemed necessary for the successful operation of DCPS.
  • Prepares and recommends to the Administration an annual budget that reflects priorities of the Administration; establishes sound financial procedures and practices which ensure accountability for all revenues, expenditures, and allocations.
  • Undertakes long-term analysis and projection of staffing needs and availability.
  • Creates and executes sound personnel procedures and practices for initial employment, promotions, assignments and transfers, and termination actions.
  • Develops a comprehensive plan for performance evaluation of all employees, including teachers, principals, and other administrative staff.
  • Through a continuous self-improvement program, keeps abreast of trends and practices in education and proposes and implements promising practices.
  • Acts as the liaison between DCPS and the community, maintaining a cooperative working relationship between the schools and the community.
  • Works cooperatively as assigned by the Mayor on task forces and informally with leadership from Washington, DC’s charter school sector for the benefit of all students.     
  • Establishes uniform procedures for record keeping, accounting and data reporting throughout the DCPS.
  • Attends Cabinet meetings and participates in the workings of the Mayor’s Cabinet.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned by the Mayor.
  • Selection Criteria

The Chancellor acts in a position of public trust. As such, candidates for this role must have:

  • A minimum of five years leadership and management experience (ten years preferred);
  • The demonstrated ability to lead colleagues;
  • Cultural competence needed to ensure the success of all students related to race/ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, disability, language acquisition, income, and socioeconomic background;
  • A proven track record of achieving results in a metrics-based environment;
  • A high level of leadership, management, communication, and organizational skills applicable in a senior leadership position; and
  • A proven track record of upholding high ethical standards and acting with integrity.
  • The successful candidate will be:
  • Student-centered and committed to the academic, social, emotional, and physical development of the whole child;
  • Welcoming of parents and successful in building respectful relationships with all key stakeholders including students, parents, families, teachers, school leaders, staff, bargaining units, community members, advocates, foundations, partner organizations, media, and elected officials;
  • Approachable and visible in the schools and the community;
  • Genuinely dedicated to equity and excellence with the belief that all children can achieve.
  • Performance in this role is evaluated on the basis of overall effectiveness in achieving desired objectives and goals. Major guidelines include established policies, procedures, and regulations of the District of Columbia and appropriate federal agencies; Mayor’s Orders; legislation; and specific instructions from the Mayor. To succeed in this position one must:
  • Have the ability to develop and implement meaningful strategic and long-range plans, as well as perform under pressure within strict time frames and to develop and implement short-range plans;
  • Be innovative, outgoing, and collegial, possess exceptional interpersonal skills, and have a reputation for outstanding professional judgment.
  • The ideal candidate will have the majority of the following skills and attributes:
  • Experience in urban education

Strategic focus

  • Proven track record of strong leadership and management skills necessary to ensure mission success
  • Strength in team-building and staff motivation
  • Transparent and highly collaborative internally and externally
  • Ability to see the big picture but also to develop solutions in addressing issues related to school functionality and success
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Outstanding writing, verbal and presentation skills
  • Decisive and calm under pressure
  • Outstanding listening skills